XMPP & Visability

Sarah Fox sarahfoxnz at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 18 23:20:08 EST 2010

Hello. Just joined this group now.

I've d/loaded the latest version of Pidgin a few days ago (Ive used older 
version before)..


When i'm  invisible, i can right-click on a user/person, & allow them to see me. 
However, I can't do this with XMPP accounts.

(Or is there another way ?)

2) is there a way to move a person, or multiple people to a 'group' & check 
'presence settings' for the entire group at once ? so they can see me online ?

basically, I want to be left alone, for a few hours a night, but allow 
'important' folk to see me.. - if needed.


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