PLEASE RESPOND: Pigeon Sound doesnt work!!

Karen Luce karen.luce at
Tue Nov 16 17:31:19 EST 2010

I have an issue with Pigeon.  I have everything checked to play sound when I receive an IM and it doesn't sound at all.  What makes it more frustrating is I do get random sounds during a conversation but not consistent.


I have moved the sound files to the Pigeon sound folder for easier retrieval but it keeps defaulting back to "default" every time you go back to sound preferences.


I have pulled it from the windows/media folder and it will work for a minute then goes silent.


I have enable sound checked to ALWAYS.

I have the message received application highlighted and I chose the sound wav tada.

I have the message sent highlighted and chose notify for the sound.


The first ping I get from someone is completely silent.  Then I hear the remaining conversation pings.  Why does Pigeon have a selection to only hear AFTER the conversation starts. The most important IM is the very first one so you know someone is trying to reach you?  I have checked the box under Mute where it states upon active conversation or something like that.  I have unchecked it. I have tried every option I can think of and my sounds don't stay, they are not consistent and most of the time are completely not working.


I have un-installed, reinstalled and went out to get the latest release from your site.  Still nothing.

Please get back to me how to get these sounds working.


I have never had a problem with AOL IM at all with sound.


Karen Luce

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