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David Hickman ille.pugil42 at
Tue Nov 16 13:49:38 EST 2010


I want to start off with letting you know that I love your application. Its
great, quick, small and exactly what I need. Well, that is, except for
status messages. Whenever I set a custom away message (For example "Meeting
DnD" or "At home") it shows as "Away" to all others. Since I have to change
my status constantly, this is a huge hurdle since people won't know if I'm
just away for a bit, at desk but not available for random IMs or away
DISTURB-AND-DIE. I've searched the web and can't find anything regarding
this anywhere. I am using the latest version of pidgin, in both windows and
linux machines, and am able to replicate readily.

Any support you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm stuck
with using Yahoo!'s IM client.

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