How do I add /edit buddy info?

Jeffrey puhi at
Thu Nov 11 15:00:02 EST 2010

On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 11:40:48AM -0800, Jeffrey wrote:
> My buddy is using AOL/AIM and his phone number is listed in the info.
> box that appears as I roll my cursor across his name on the Buddy List.
> -jef
With what field label is it being displayed?

At the time it was AOL.
I have since deleted his info and tried to reinstall his complete information
but I can't find any way to edit and add his phone number, ie he is back 
but not his phone number ( old or new ). I'm thinking he might need to 
send me a invitation from his phone in order for me to receive his number,
ie. only he can edit his number?
FYI When I was able to see his old number I could highlite the number field
but it would not edit.


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