Command line history does not work for me (emacs mode)

Jose Garcia Juanino jjuanino at
Fri Nov 5 12:24:10 EDT 2010

El viernes 05 de noviembre a las 16:16:42 CET, Etan Reisner escribió:
> Are you expecting ctrl-p to recall the last message you sent? Because if
> so that will not work. There's a functionality level problem with that
> idea.
> The keybindings are a GTK+ feature and are operating on the text area.
> The sent message history is a pidgin feature that GTK+ is not even aware
> of let alone can interact with.
> ctrl-p should take you to the previous line in a multi-line message though.

Dear Etan,

thank you very much for your replay, and sorry my poor english.

Yes, I am thinking in recall previous messages I have sent. When I was a
X-Chat user, this functionality was available (by hiting up-arrow), and
I miss it. The question is: is possible (by mean of some plugin) to recall
or to edit the previous message sent?


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