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Mark Doliner mark at
Tue Nov 30 17:09:13 EST 2010

The most likely reason for this problem is that you're not using the
correct email address to unsubscribe.  Our mailing list software
doesn't provide any distinction between "you tried to unsubscribe an
email address that was subscribed" and "you tried to unsubscribe an
email address that was not subscribed."

This sometimes means looking at the headers of the emails that you
receive in order to determine the address that the mailing list is
sending to.


On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 12:36 PM, Fumo, Vincent
<Vincent_Fumo at> wrote:
> I'm guessing : filled with messages he doesn't want.
> I had a similar issue. I solved it by filtering these messages directly to
> the trash. I've been doing this for about 2 years now.
> On 11/30/10 3:34 PM, "David Woolley" <forums at> wrote:
>>Richard Bourne wrote:
>>> I have tried to unsubscribe to this list multiple times and each time
>>> I get a confirmation email that it is done.  Yet I keep getting my
>>> inbox trashed
>>Explain "trashed".
>>David Woolley
>>Emails are not formal business letters, whatever businesses may want.
>>RFC1855 says there should be an address here, but, in a world of spam,
>>that is no longer good advice, as archive address hiding may not work.
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