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Andrej Atanasovski andrej_atanasovski at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 26 20:53:38 EST 2010

Hi Support Team,

Pidgin, you are the best alternative software for MSN and other chat clients. 
Thank you very much for your existence. Since I have problem signing up with 
Windows Live Messenger due to some error code which says: "Your contact list is 
not ready, please try again!", I decided to leave WLM and try alternative 
softwares and I immediately found Pidgin, a great IM tool. I got familiar with 
your program and I like it. I'd like to ask you or give you the following 
suggestion: I use several msn accounts, and because your software allows 
multiple MSN logins, when I log into let's say 2-3 msn accounts, in my contact 
list I see all contacts from all msn accounts I have logged in. This looks a 
little bit messy, so I would like to have individual window for each msn account 
I log in, where I can see which contact is in which msn account. The best 
solution would be to make Pidgin runs as many times as the user wants and each 
time the user will have to select which account he wants to use and in this way 
he will have new window for each new account he uses. Btw is there possibility 
that I can set different statuses (Available, Away, Busy etc.) for each msn 
account I use? These are my questions so far and if anyone can help me or tell 
me which plugin I should download for this or which option I should select in 
Tools->Preferences, I would appreciate that information.

Thanks and best regards,
Andrej ;)

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