Pidgin MSN Non Functional. SSL Certificate Error ( Recurring too ! )

David Woolley forums at
Thu Nov 25 02:45:59 EST 2010

pheedme wrote:
> I dont have time to search forums for this bug, I know its a known

It's not a bug, unless you believe that clairvoyance is an essential 
requirement for software developers.  It was an unannounced change in 
the interface specification by Microsoft, an interface specification 
which I believe is not fully in the public domain, and which Microsoft 
would prefer not to be available to open source developers.

Also, saying that you are not prepared to search for answers before 
asking is not a way to win friends amongst people who provide answers to 
such questions.  Commercial organisations will accept such enquiries 
because you have paid to be able to make them.  Most people providing 
free support in their own time, just see it as an abuse of their time.

David Woolley
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