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Tue Nov 23 15:08:22 EST 2010

El día Tuesday, November 23, 2010 a las 01:54:17PM -0500, Etan Reisner escribió:

> When built with NSS/NSPR 2.7.6 does almost completely fix the problem.
> Some people still have initial connection failures but a retry or two is
> usually enough to sort that out and get things working.
> Unfortunately, when built with GnuTLS 2.7.6 is still broken for the
> incorrectly configured servers because of a difference in how GnuTLS
> handles presenting libpurple the certificate chain. A problem that was not
> detected in the limited testing that was done before the release.
> Fixes for both of those issues have been found and committed to mtn.

Do I have to checkout some special branch from Monotone to get this
fixes? Thanks

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