Pidgin 2.7.3 on Maemo5 - SSL certificates for MSN invalid

David Woolley forums at
Sun Nov 21 11:45:34 EST 2010

Etan Reisner wrote:

> To answer this again:

As this is telling people to do something potentially dangerous, I think 
it should also tell them to check that the issuer and subject on each 
certificate is different, i.e. that they are not being fed a potentially 
bogus root certificate.

It may be safe to fetch the intermediate certificates from an untrusted 
source, but only if they really are only intermediate ones.  At least I 
think that is true, but it is possible that openssl will stop when it 
finds a locally trusted intermediate certificate, in which case they 
need to verify the certificate chain before installing them.

I know that some browsers will accept a locally trusted leaf 
certificate, even though they don't trust the corresponding root.

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