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On Thu, 18 Nov 2010 16:15:10 -0700, John Meyer <john.l.meyer at>
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>Newbie, and haven't been able to find the archives yet, but is there 
>some sort of update with the MSN system that prevents pidgin from 
>connecting through itas of late?

"unable to validate certificate"?  If so:

A few interesting notes: 

| The problem isn't on Pidgin's end – it's a misconfiguration 
| of the MSN servers


| How to replace your certficate (the GUI method):
| Go to pidgin's Tools->Certificates to remove the old certificate. Don't 
| close this window yet. (You can, but it is easier to not)
| With your browser, go to It will give you 
| "Directory Listing Denied"
| With Firefox, if you click on the lock in the lower right corner, you 
| get a dialog box, where you can click on View Certificate. On its Details tab, 
| you can export the certificate to a file.
| Now, back on the pidgin Tools->Certificates dialog, you can add this 
| certificate, and all is well. 

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