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Simon Erig Simon.Erig at
Sun Nov 7 06:54:10 EST 2010

Hello Pidgin support,

i have a little problem with the icq part of pidgin. Most of my friends im chatting with are showed online/away/etc as usual. But there are now 2 friends i have, which are showed as offline, but i can chat with them. I have added them as usual to my list and gave them the permission to add me too and so on. As far as i know theyre using the normal icq program and i talked to them and their status is set online (not any special icq thing).
And furthermore im not blacklisted at this 2 friends or anything like that.
So when im chatting with them the status is not changing but theyre answering my massages.
I'm using the actual pidgin version 2.7.5.

What might be the problem?
Didnt they accepted my requests to add them properly?
Do i have to fix my firewall?
Is there any addon for pidgin which deals with that?

At the end all together i have to say ur doing a great job with pidgin i realy like it. GOOD JOB

Best Regards Simon Erig
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