Setting up status message by account

Frank Lanitz frank at
Thu Nov 4 09:37:05 EDT 2010

Am 02.11.2010 21:15, schrieb Etan Reisner:
> On Tue, Nov 02, 2010 at 12:57:40PM +0100, Frank Lanitz wrote:
>> Are there any plans to have this available also for 'on-the-fly'
>> messages? Maybe via context menu of account or so?
>> Cheers,
>> Frank
> The New dialog is on-the-fly. When using a transient status (not a saved
> one) the New dialog even starts populated with the current status settings
> to allow for easy changes of single accounts/etc.
> Is there something more specific you were looking for?

Well, I'm looking for something maybe inside the Accountssection similar
to the mood selection on ICQ.


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