Pidgin Update Notifier

Francois Botha igitur at
Mon Nov 1 18:43:08 EDT 2010

> Sure, it is doable, of course.  It is just a matter it being an ugly
> thing to do.
> The other factor is: What should we do when we get a response that
> doesn't contain the magic token?
> Suppress any UI?
> Pop up an error message?
> I'm probably in favor of the latter (displaying a message about
> invalid content being received when checking for a new release).
> -D

I'm very much in favor of the former. Otherwise I'm going to get an
awful lot of popups. Keep in mind my Pidgin is open 24/7. Rather than
a popup, what about an "inline error message", like what is currently
used to indicate an update?

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