Jabber through http/port 80???

Akash aakash602 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 16:05:50 EDT 2010

You're welcome :) I'm not sure if it works for all jabber servers though.

On 18 March 2010 15:10, Dagobert Duck <dagobertduck at vodafone.de> wrote:

>  Hey folks,
> now I got a question: The proxy server I have to connect through, only
> allows me to connect over http. Only port 80 is open, connections to hosts
> behind the proxy, that offer SSL connection (port 443) are also possible.
> Does anybody know, how I could connect to a Jabber Server, -better-
> Gtalk???? I already tried "jabber80.com", but that cr.. didn't work at
> all.
> (By the way: I could also connect to login.icq.com on port 5190, but only
> with "use ssl"; although this is not the typical ssl port on icq, it would
> work just fine - tested it.)
> Thanks in advance,
> Dagobert
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