Jabber through http/port 80???

Dagobert Duck dagobertduck at vodafone.de
Thu Mar 18 05:40:59 EDT 2010

Hey folks, 

now I got a question: The proxy server I have to connect through, only allows me to connect over http. Only port 80 is open, connections to hosts behind the proxy, that offer SSL connection (port 443) are also possible.
Does anybody know, how I could connect to a Jabber Server, -better- Gtalk???? I already tried "jabber80.com", but that cr.. didn't work at all.
(By the way: I could also connect to login.icq.com on port 5190, but only with "use ssl"; although this is not the typical ssl port on icq, it would work just fine - tested it.)

Thanks in advance,

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