Pidgin 2.6.6 on Nokia N800

Dagobert Duck dagobertduck at
Wed Mar 17 04:22:22 EDT 2010

Yeah, really sounds, like T9 is also running in Pidgin. I wouldn't mind in 
your position. On the other hand it could also be a pidgin plugin running, 
it's called Pidgin Autoanswer. Check your plugins.
By the way: You are running Pidgin on a cell phone???? Didn't know, that's 
possible. Makes me happy to hear that. Is it running stable. I mean, is the 
connection stable when/although you change places/your location???

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> As I enter a message to a Buddy, I get additional words entered as if 
> Pidgin is anticipating what I am trying to type.
> Is there anyway of turning this feature off?
> What I was trying to type:      I am trying to...                Turned 
> into:          I american trying to...
> Thanks in advance
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