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Fri Mar 12 03:16:07 EST 2010

Evan Platt wrote:
> How many e-mails have you seen with huge HTML  sigs from say Oracle and 
> a number of other large companies?

I've seen both, but I'm not aware of them coming in combination.  There 
are those who say they are desperate, but I get the impression that they 
are often outworkers, particularly for companies that exploit housebound 
people, operating on almost a franchise basis.

There are also a lot of people with the big corporate logos, and often 
with job titles which do not match the quality of the support requests, 
but my suspicion is that those are people with illicit, or tolerated, 
installations for personal use.  Because they think they are talking toa 
a confidential help desk, these people are happy to ask questions that 
reveal their mis-use of their computers.

There may be counter examples, but they haven't stood out to me.

David Woolley
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