sending a file to yahoo messenger | connecting to aim/icq

Siddharth Chandra siddharthchandra0 at
Fri Mar 12 01:53:08 EST 2010

I am trying to build a small command line messenger for windows that uses
libpurple. I used the nullclient.c example file.
I am trying to send files to yahoo using the function 'serv_send_file', and
the request comes to the remote machine and then after accepting times out.
Although I am able to receive files from yahoo messenger to my client.
I am able to send and receive files on gtalk and msn.
Is there any other high level libpurple function that I can use instead of
serv_send_file, that is able to talk to the yahoo plugin?
Also I am unable to connect to aim/icq using my windows based client.

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