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Brian Morrison bdm at
Thu Mar 11 10:44:32 EST 2010

On Thu, 11 Mar 2010 08:46:24 -0600
"Leah Farber" <lfarber at> wrote:

> I keep trying to log in to Pidgin and it keeps saying I have the
> incorrect password. I have tried every password and none of them are
> working. Could you please tell me my password.

Pidgin is a multi-protocol IM client, there is no "Pidgin" login
because you are using your own login credentials for IM accounts on
other services such as Yahoo, MSN, AIM etc.

Also note that this is a support mailing list, so unless you subscribe
to the list you won't see the replies unless people cc you (as I have
done) but please ensure that you reply to the support list address and
not directly to me.

Which IM services are you using? Have you created accounts in Pidgin?


Brian Morrison

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