Getting rid of Pidgin!

David Woolley forums at
Wed Mar 10 02:56:07 EST 2010

Darlene Lee wrote:
> {Pidgin came on my computer.  It could just stay there even though I 
> don't intend to use it.  Ever.  But every time I turn on the computer, I 

> had one of these things, so I've actually made it worse somehow.  Or 
> should I just uninstall Pidgin to get rid of the windows.  If so, how do 
> I do that and will it affect my email otherwise?  I am running a Linux 
> OS, by the way, if that matters.   I will appreciate advice!

This is a question for the suppliers of your Linux distribution, as it 
is they that have made Pidgin autostart.  Failing that, it is a general 
question about the GUI that you use.  Different window managers have 
different ways of specifying programs to start when they are loaded.

Pidgin has no intrinsic mechanism for auto-starting itself.

Pidgin has nothing to do with email, although some people do confuse 
instant messaging with email.

David Woolley
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