Getting rid of Pidgin!

Darlene Lee drlanddaul at
Tue Mar 9 23:22:32 EST 2010

{Pidgin came on my computer.  It could just stay there even though I 
don't intend to use it.  Ever.  But every time I turn on the computer, I 
get 2 Pidgin windows reminding that I have listed no "buddies."  I have 
to get rid of these windows to carry on with using the machine and it's 
a pain. How can I keep them from appearing at every startup?  I've tried 
everything I could access and nothing changes, though at first I only 
had one of these things, so I've actually made it worse somehow.  Or 
should I just uninstall Pidgin to get rid of the windows.  If so, how do 
I do that and will it affect my email otherwise?  I am running a Linux 
OS, by the way, if that matters.   I will appreciate advice!


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