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Dagobert Duck dagobertduck at
Fri Mar 19 08:45:18 EDT 2010

The file transfer isn't working for me anyway somehow for instance 
(icq-protocol). Always get that cairo error and then pidgin crashes. Tried 
almost everything. So better FIX this, before thinking about extending this 
basic feature. By the way, zipping/unzipping takes time? What do you want to 
transfer via AIM?? Gigabytes of data??? I mean, it would probably work, but 
therefor you should definitely use something else.



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> Jaroslav Stancik wrote:
>> Could you please repair this bug, 
>> it would be really great to get it:)
> This issue is classed as a new feature request, not a bug.  The best way 
> of getting new features added is to ask a friend who writes open source 
> software to contribute the necessary code.
> Description
> Before switching to pidgin, i used to send a lot of folders to friends 
> over AIM 6.x. Please add the option of sending not just singular files, 
> but folders of files. Will save a lot of time unzipping//zipping, and 
> receiving.
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