Inserting an Image into Chat Window

adamjcc89 adamjcc89 at
Tue Mar 16 01:13:14 EDT 2010

I am using the MSN protocol with my buddy.  No matter what I do or not 
matter what options I change, I can never pick the option, Insert Image 
either from the conversation menu, or the menu above the message box.  
I've been in the preferences window looking at the formatting for the 
message box, and the option insert is available in there.  I push it and 
it will insert an image that looks just fine.  I know this is just a box 
separate from the chat but why wouldn't it work in the normal chat.  
I've used the custom smiley option to show an image of 64x64 in size.  
It showed up perfectly.  My buddy actually uses the real MSN messenger, 
and has sent an in window image that has shown up perfectly.  I am using 
the newest version of Pidgin -  I don't know why I can have a 
custom smiley show what I want but not able pick the insert image 
button.  This sounds like a simple fix in the code itself.

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