Tray icon menu access problem

Emil Sekula emil.sekula at
Mon Mar 15 04:56:20 EDT 2010

The link you sent me doesn't work.
I don't use any plugin.

On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 07:06, Emil Sekula <emil.sekula at> wrote:
> How can be something not related to Pidgin if Pidgin crashes ?
> Specially if it happens only with Pidgin.

My point was that if you "didn't change anything related to Pidgin",
then perhaps you did change something that had an unexpected effect.

> I suppose it is possible to check 'Debug Window' if I can't open
> Pidgin window in this situation.

I didn't get the impression that you weren't able to access the
program at all when this happens, just that the right-click menu of
the System Tray wasn't working.  In that case, the menu is probably
just a symptom of the whole program hanging.

See for how to get a debug log.

Which plugins are you using?


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