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To get your lost MXit Pin, send an SMS containing the word 'PIN' to 34006. You will then receive a SMS in return containing your lost PIN.

Please note:

    * This only works with cell numbers that are in South Africa.
    * Make sure the number you're sending the SMS from is the same number you have registered on MXit.
    * Make sure that your message options on your phone are set to sms.
    * The sms that you are sending to 34006 must just contain the word pin and nothing else
    * If you receive a blank reply from your service provider, this means the number you SMSed from is NOT registered to MXit.
    * This SMS costs R2.00


Ané Schoeman | Technical Support

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jenmcn at gmail.com wrote:
> I changed laptops and cant remember my password on tel nr 0795837761 , 
> please assist.

This has nothing to do with Pidgin.  At a guess you are using the MXit 
service.  If so, you need to contact them.  More generally you need to 
contact the service provider of the service that you are using.

David Woolley
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