Leah Farber's Username and Password

Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Thu Mar 11 12:29:23 EST 2010

Dagobert Duck spake unto us the following wisdom:
> I guess this request was a fake or something. Somebody cannot be that
> dumb. Who'd one the one hand forget his password AND username, but
> then on the other hand be able to find the way to this support
> mailinglist instead?!

This sort of insulting commentary is out of place on this list.
Please take it somewhere else.

It is becoming increasingly common for users in business environments
to have Pidgin installed on their computers by IT.  When these users
go to the 'Help' menu, they are directed to us.  There is no reason
for them to know that we cannot help them with local account problems
unless they are familiar with open source software and open source
support fora.

Pidgin is a large project, used by thousands or millions of users
around the world.  Unprovoked attacks such as yours give *us* a bad
name.  The average user looking at these email archives will have no
reason to know that your rude comment was an unsolicited comment from
an uninvolved user, and not a comment by someone affiliated with the
Pidgin project.

I expect to see an apology.

> I guess it's someone collecting email adresses for whatever kind of
> shit, or her boyfriend, or someone else, triying to log in this girl's
> IM Account of whatever kind.
> I mean, that's just my personal opinion.....

Next time, if your personal opinion is similarly unconstructive, keep
it to yourself.


The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws [that have no remedy
for evils].  They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor
determined to commit crimes.
		-- Cesare Beccaria, "On Crimes and Punishments", 1764
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