help, I'm locked out

Brian Morrison bdm at
Wed Mar 10 09:13:07 EST 2010

On Wed, 10 Mar 2010 07:50:02 -0500
"Walker, Patricia A" <Patricia.Walker at> wrote:

> Yes, I know what the confirmation number is for.  I am just wanting

Well, I don't know the answer straight away.

But, let's see what we know. You have a working Yahoo account, and you
have entered the correct user ID and password into your Pidgin settings
for your Yahoo account.

Can you post the exact details from Pidgin, you can get those by
opening the Debug window from the Help menu and it should show you
error details that will help people here to diagnose further.

FYI, there is another person who seems (although their description is
open to some confusion) to have a similar problem with Yahoo IM and
Pidgin. They also posted to the list about an hour before your initial

BTW, please would you respond to the Pidgin support mailing list address
rather than directly to me. That way everyone gets to see the
discussion. I've cc'd this to you in case for some reason you are not
receiving list mail, but your reply says to me that you want to be
subscribed so I hope you are.


Brian Morrison

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