Unable to connect to Openfire server

Paul Aurich darkrain42 at pidgin.im
Thu Mar 4 14:22:27 EST 2010

Please also reply to the support list.

On 2010-03-04 11:18, Carol McGeehon wrote:
> Paul,
> 	It worked on version 2.6.5 and then stopped working.  I upgraded
> to version 2.6.6 to rule out a problem with 2.6.5.  My county IT people
> are saying the DNS entry is fine.  I'm trying to figure out what
> happened.  I'm not trying to connect off-site and this is what is
> puzzling me.

My suggestion would be for them to check connectivity to the XMPP server
from the internet, with a focus on any firewalls (as David suggested).


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