Problem with SLIC "unable to connect"

VR Man vrman87 at
Wed Mar 3 10:21:09 EST 2010

Hello everyone,
I am having a problem SLIC for some time and several pidgin updates.  I
keep hoping that it would be fixed but it has not hence I am here.  The
problem is sometimes I can get into SLIC but then when I either close
pigin or turn off the account via manage account then disable it won't
let me back in.  And keeps giving a "disconnected" message with
"connection failed" just under it for a long period of time.  I do get
offered the server certificate when i get in the first time.  But after
that I don't.  I am using the latest version of pidgin (Pidgin 2.6.5). 
It has been doing this for over a year.  I don't use SLIC much hence I
haven't tried but now I really do wish to get this going if at all
possible.  Once upon a time it worked like a charm.  Yes I have tried
deleting all the keys but the problem persists.  And it does not offer
the server key after the first time.

My settings are as follow:
Connect Server:
Port: 706
Public key file: applicationdata\.silc\
Private key file: applicationdata\.silc\private_key.prv
cipher aes-256-ctr
HMAC" hmac-sha256-96
Use perfect forawrd secery: no
Public key authentication: No
Block IM's without key exchange: yes
Block messges to whiteboard: no
automatically open whiteboard: no
digital sign and verity all messages: no

Proxy type is set to global settings but I don't have any global proxy
type set.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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