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beef682 beef682 at
Thu Feb 25 23:31:38 EST 2010

I cant find out how to send my friend a picture, I know how to send a 
file but I  want to send a picture to him to display in his messenger 
window like msn to msn did. In my google searches I found out some 
things, poster said to send an image I need to be in DirectIM mode to 
send, I cant find that option where they said it was or anywhere, others 
then posted that DirectIM dosent work on windows 7, so I install pidgen 
on my xp computer, same problem of it not found anywhere and insert 
image is still grayed out (only see insert horizontal rule, and insert 

Pidgen version: 02/25/10
*Pidgin 2.6.6*
(libpurple 2.6.6)

  please help
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