AIM no longer working

Keith Winter keith_winter at
Fri Feb 19 20:32:56 EST 2010

Lately, Pidgin is unable to log into AIM. Is this a known issue? I get
the following error from the debug window:
(17:28:23) oscar: startOSCARSession response statusCode was 400: <?xml
version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
de><statusText>useTLS=1 is not allowed for non secure
(17:28:23) connection: Connection error on 019D0118 (reason: 16
description: Received unexpected response from useTLS=1 is not
allowed for non secure requests.)
(17:28:24) account: Disconnecting account xxxxxxxx (00C95FF8)
(17:28:24) connection: Disconnecting connection 019D0118
(17:28:24) oscar: Signed off.
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