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Thu Feb 11 23:55:38 EST 2010

I'm going to throw a guess out there and say that the OP meant Hoary 
Hedgehog which is Ubuntu 5.04.

@Ellen - I went through the archives and can't find if you had any other 
messages to the list to describe your issue, but as this email doesn't, 
I can't offer any help. Do you get any kind of error with the account 
you can't connect with? What type of account is it?

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Subject: Please Help
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Date: February 12, 2010 4:48:36 AM +0000
> On 02/11/10 15:48, Ellen Erickson wrote:
>> I was trying to use Pidgin so I didn't have to open the browser to chat
>> with my husband, who lives in another country right now.  It worked
>> until I allowed an update, and now I can't get a satisfactory answer to
>> fixing the fact that I'm not allowed to enable my own account again.  I
>> have no "Client Login" option under the Advanced tab.  I'm using  2.6.5
>> with Hardy Hedgehog.  I am able to use Google and Yahoo chats through my
>> browser.  Please tell me why I should keep Pidgin and keep trying to see
>> if someone can help.  Thank you.
>> Ellen
> <snip>
> I have no idea what Hardy Hedgehog is, to be honest. As for the issues
> you are having, I don't use Google Talk so I cannot help with that, and
> I'm not having any Problems with Yahoo (my problems were with AIM and
> ICQ and to some extent, Jabber).
> I do hope someone can help you find an answer, just keep all replies to
> the mailing list, that way, once you find a solution, others with
> similar issues will see what worked for you so they can try it.
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