Pidgin No Longer Works for Me

Shelly Gatto grifynne at
Thu Feb 11 09:12:10 EST 2010


I have been using Pidgin for a while and up until yesterday it worked fairly
well. Yesterday, it would not open any of my chat accounts (AIM, ICQ, MSN,
and Yahoo). Each time I tried to enable it would say something was wrong and
ask if I would like to modify. My account details are accurate, and I had
not made any changes prior to Pidgin no longer working.

I have tried a windows update as well as re-downloading and re-installing
Pidgin to make sure I have the most up to date version just a few moments
ago. This has not helped the problem, I still can't log in to my accounts
through Pidgin. Is this an isolated problem? Is there some kind of an update
that I need?

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