Problem with Gadu Gadu protocol

Brian Morrison bdm at
Wed Feb 3 07:21:20 EST 2010

On Wed, 3 Feb 2010 12:19:46 +0100
Emil Sekula <emil.sekula at> wrote:

> I sent my e-mail to support at Is not mailing list e-mail ?

Yes, it is, but your replies suggested that you were not seeing all the
list mail.

> Perhaps you should delete information that Pidgin serves Gadu Gadu
> protocol if it doesn't work.

The problem is that Pidgin has many developers, some of whom have now
stopped contributing. If the person who reverse engineered Gadu-Gadu is
no longer actively working on Pidgin then that protocol gradually
becomes stale. I have not seen any other reports of problems with it so
it could be that few people use it for that purpose.

Eventually the protocol will be removed if it ceases to work and no one
can be found to update it to work with newer releases of Gadu-Gadu.
That could take some considerable time to happen.


Brian Morrison

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