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KEITH CORTIS kcor0003 at
Wed Feb 17 04:46:15 EST 2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this email to ask you about Pidgin plug-ins.  I am currently in
my last year of studies at the University of Malta and for my thesis I
have to implement a chat client extension which I need to connect to a
Social Semantic Desktop program which is Nepomuk.  Thus I need to build
this extension and whilst researching for multiprotocol clients I came
across your chat client of which interested me a lot.

I tried to build a helloworld plugin using C
( , on a Windows
machine, but several steps that I followed did not result in the expected
output as indicated in the tutorial.  Also, when I use cygwin to perform a
command, several commands that were indicated in the tutorial to perform,
were resulting in several errors.

Thus, what I am asking is if you have a more clear tutorial on how to
create a Pidgin extension in C (since there is no Java support am I
right?) and how will I connect this extension with Pidgin, in the
sense that if for example I want to access all chat histories, how can
this be made possible? I am asking you this since I need to know if it is
possible if your chat client satisfies what I am looking for in my thesis.

Also, the tutorial that I followed was last updated 3 years ago.  Does it
mean that development on Pidgin has stopped and not being updated?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Keith Cortis

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