meanwhile/sametime client major and minor numbers?

er0ck erocks at
Wed Feb 10 16:44:11 EST 2010

Hi All,
     i've tried searching the openIM list to no avail.

    I can log into our sametime server just fine using the default client_id
and hide client identity option in latest pidgin.
 works great!  thanks!

   i'm trying to enable "advanced" features for chatting with users on the
network with the "standard" clients.  things like formatted text, and file

   i found a list of client_ids here:

but logging in with a client id of 4874 in my acounts.xml file does not seem
to change my features
(formatted text remains greyed out for both me and the other users)

i figure the major and minor client IDs are to blame.
the defaults (or maybe these aren't defaults, but they are what work for me)
            <setting name='fake_client_id' type='bool'>1</setting>
            <setting name='client_major' type='int'>30</setting>
            <setting name='force_login' type='bool'>0</setting>
            <setting name='port' type='int'>1533</setting>
            <setting name='client_minor' type='int'>6511</setting>
            <setting name='client_id_val' type='int'>4874</setting>

does anyone have a list of client major and minor numbers i can try that are
newer than the 3.0.1 client?   ie 8.0.2 or so?
any altering of the major number here seems to lead to "version mismatch"
from the server.


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