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Mark Hylas spake unto us the following wisdom:
> My name is Mark speaking on behalf of the Market News tech dept. We are  
> very interested in running your IM product on our desktops ( roughly 70  
> of them).  I am trying to find out if there are any security flaws /  
> compatibility issues that we have to be concerned with. All of our Work  
> Stations are windows XP Proand windows 7. Thank you in advance for any  
> help that you can give.

As you are no doubt aware, Pidgin is open source software, and we have
no dedicated support team.  As such, if you choose to adopt Pidgin for
your workplace, be prepared to provide support to your employees.  We
cannot and will not provide day-to-day tech support for running Pidgin
to 70 desktops.

That said, many companies do use Pidgin, and we are happy for you to
do so if you feel it meets your needs.

Security flaws which we are aware of can always be found, along with
the version of Pidgin in which they are fixed, at:

You can monitor the various security tracking organizations (e.g.,
MITRE) for vulnerabilities which have not yet been fixed.

I cannot tell you about any compatibility issues with Windows, as I do
not use it.  You may find the bug tracker (
useful in answering this query.


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