Problem with SILC

M W taofdd at
Tue Feb 2 11:35:50 EST 2010

Good day.

I have a problem with creating a new SILC account with Pidgin 2.6.5
(win version). First there is a problem with non existing in .silc/ directory, error message is "Unable to create
SILC key pair". Then after this key was somehow created and I was
connected to SILC network, there is sometimes a problem with logging
in. This is a situation on notebook with Windows 7. On the second
desktop PC with win XP and latest version of Pidgin I did not have too
much luck and is missing. Both computers are connected
in same LAN.

I tried to search some information on the internet but nothing was
helpful or useful. Thank you for any support.

Kind regars, Mark.

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