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Tue Feb 2 02:42:16 EST 2010

Michelle wrote:
> Where do I complain about the help I am getting?

Your employer.

> Why is there a support team if they can not getting what you want & when 

There isn't a support team.  There is no income to pay a support team.
Like many open source projects, support at goes to a public 
mailing list that is answered by anyone who is interested, in their 
spare time.  Even big, for profit, companies do this for their free of 
charge products.  For example, if you have a problem with Adobe Acrobat 
Reader, you will have to use a forum where it is unlikely that anyone 
from Adobe will answer, or even read the forum.

Looking back at your recently answered question, you were demanding 
immediate responses from people who are doing this work voluntarily. 
Many of them probably saw that as "attitude".

As was said, before, if your employer insists that you use a piece of 
software, it should be their responsibility to provide first line 
support.  In choosing the software, they should have been aware of its 
nature and the likely level of support.

 From previous questions, I'm aware of one company that uses home 
workers to take telephone dictation, and which appears to have dictated 
the use of Pidgin, without supporting it, and without even telling their 
workers enough technical information to allow them to seek support 
directly, in any sensible way.  I wonder if that is the case here.

If you ask sensible questions, and allow reasonable time to answer, you 
will actually get much better information than from a commercial help 
desk, because they people answering will actually understand the 
answers, rather than just reading from a script.

David Woolley
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