pidgin freezes

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Mon Feb 1 17:10:21 EST 2010

Dear support,

I am using pidgin since few months now on my laptop. Since than it freezes
randomly without any rational for me reason. It doesn't matter if I work or
leave my laptop for a while. It doesn't happen much often yet it's really
frustrating sometimes (especially when I leave my laptop and doesn't go
off-line with the pidgin status). If I will turn it on in the morning I can
definitely be sure that it will freeze one or twice the day. I really can't
connect it to a particular process, program or an issue on my laptop. The
more it's mystery to me. I thought that the last release will fix the
problem (I saw a note: "Fix a random crash that might occur when idle" in
the 2.6.4 change log). I am using Lenovo T400 on XP Professional SP3. Pidgin
version 2.6.5 with the following protocols: MSN, gadu-gadu, gtalk. I am
connected to the internet via Broadband (occasionally I am switching on the
Cisco VPN to connect my laptop to a corporate network). Please find attached
screen-shot which reflects my pidging in freeze state. Appreciate any

Best regards
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