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Thu Nov 26 18:10:07 EST 2009

SapiMan 1985-34576dC wrote:

> network has a chat client based on javascript. I don't know about 
> programming but if you created plugins for facebook chat client and 
> skype I think this won't be difficult for you! 
The two difficulties that are likely to arise here are:

1) the number of Pidgin users with programming skills and a personal 
interest in supporting this protocol is likely to be small - almost 
certainly only those in Spain or possibly Spanish speaking parts of the 
Americas are likely to be interested;

2) to be able to program it easily, there needs to be a publicly 
available formal specification of the protocol, otherwise the programmer 
will have to reverse engineer the protocol from the official clients.

Facebook is quite popular, and I suspect the Skype plugin uses the Skype 
API rather than directly implementing the protocol, which is almost 
certainly a trade secret.

Remember that all the programmers are volunteers and will only work on 
what interests them.  You may be lucky and there may be someone eager to 
develop this, but, statistically, you may find it more likely that you 
will find them amongst general free software writers in Spain.

You should be able to research the protocol documentation, and any 
possibly legal restrictions in using it.

I am assuming that this is not just a re-branding of an already 
supported protocol.

David Woolley
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