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> I would like to used mebeam with pidgin. I have read it should work with
> Ubuntu. I have downloaded the mebeanintegration plugin but do not know
> where
> to save the contents so that pidgin shows mebean as an available addon.
> How do I install a new plugin?

What have you actually downloaded, is it a package file, or a tarball,
or something else?

A package is normally installed by the distro's package manager,
whereas a tarball needs to be unpacked, configured, compiled and then

If you tell us what you have we can be more specific.

I have a folder call mebeamIntegration.adiumPlugin. Inside it is the

MacOS (folder)
        Mebeamintegration (java class)
Resources (folder)
        English.lporj (folder)
Info.plist (xml doc)

I have read that although it says it is for MacOS it should work on the
latest versions of flash.

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