Private, Permanent Chat Room

Mike Phillips patlaw at
Sun Nov 22 08:50:15 EST 2009

I am part of a group that has an online chat room. The moderators 
aggressively control the benign content of the room. We would like to 
set up a private chat room with a permanent URL. What services are 
available that do not require a particular email address to become a 
member, like Google, AOL, and Yahoo? A reasonable annual fee for such a 
service would be fine. If I can find that source, I'm going to advocate 
that each member use Pidgin to access the group.

There are plenty of chat rooms with web interfaces, but the ones I found 
require a separate web page interface for user authentication. Since I 
don't know how to create separate web pages, that option is not very 
helpful. The members use Windows, Mac, and Linux. We have never exceeded 
25 members, so far.

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