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Игорь Москаленко igorekm at
Thu Nov 19 04:45:59 EST 2009

I've been using pidgin for a long time. Also I use "Message Notification"
Till yesterday if I were in a chatroom and someone wrote a message (not
addressed to me) the icon in tray blinked, showing me this. If the message
was addressed to me, the icon changed (to a smiley icon) but also blinked.
So, yesterday I reinstalled pidgin, removed folder .purple. And notification
system changed. Now if the message in chats is not addressed to me, only the
taskbar is blinking (and the tray icon doesn't change), and if the message
is for me, the icon (smiley icon) blinks.
I wonder if it's possible to make the tray icon blink both when the message
is for me and is not for me?

Sincerely Yours, Igor Moskalenko.
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