Pidgin buddy list question

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Fri Nov 13 01:59:31 EST 2009

Jamey Newberg wrote:
> On the Buddy List, when a new user logs in, there’s that arrow pointing
> to the right (towards the user’s screen name) that stays up for maybe 10
> seconds (before changing to a green light showing that the user is
> online).  Is there a Preference or a plug-in that I can add to actually
> illuminate the user’s screen name – maybe in bold plus a different color
> – that would stay up for as long as the arrow is in place?  I have more
> than 100 names on my Buddy List and it would help a ton if a user that
> has just logged on would be easier to spot.

To the best of my knowledge, there is not, but you could use the Guifications
plugin to have "toaster" style notifications for events such as this.


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