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Jackie Metzger metzger.jackie at
Wed Nov 11 17:16:23 EST 2009


I recently noticed when I use Pidgin at work, it generates a log file for
one of my AIM buddies on my list and keeps all the conversations, even
though I have it set not to log conversations.  I checked all my other
buddies ICQ and AIM and no log files are generated when I talk to my other
buddies  just for that 1 particular person.   Everytime I send her a message
it creates a folder and logs the conversation.  It looks like the it is
saving them as a txt file under documents/settings/ application data on my
local machine. Can you tell me why it is doing this.  She tells me that she
does not have her AIM account set to log conversations either.

Please help, I think this is strange.
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