Buddies not authorized

Rebecca Murphy rebecca.murphy at oracle.com
Tue Nov 10 10:34:48 EST 2009

Hello - 

When I logged into Pidgin this morning, all of my buddies are set to Not Authorized.  I am able to chat with them (I tested with two co-workers), however all of my buddies have a grayed out X in a circle to the left of their name and a red circle with a diagonal line through it to the right of their name.

For the two co-workers I tested with, I did right mouse click on their name and select (Re) Request Authorization but nothing happened.

I may have caused this - yesterday I went through my personal contacts in my email and removed all work people.  I assume this may have something to do with it.

Can you tell me how I can change my pidgin contacts from not authorized?

Thank you
Rebecca Murphy
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