Question - Chat APPlication

oktay alkaya alkaone at
Mon Nov 9 10:45:33 EST 2009

> my name is octavio and i was wondering if there is any chance for to
> collaborate together?

> this is the story-question:

> we are developping a tool, a program where end-users can get  
> information:
> Through relevant content (news letters, video report, vouchers)  
> Retailers
> and Brands will use their button and the free main banner space of the
> reader to tease end consumers to visit their website or/& their shop
> A free banner field gives every retailer and every brand the  
> possibility to
> tease MyGuidess users in order to invite them to activate their  
> button and
> receive the news that will direct them to stores or websites.
> A freindly sms tool allowed end users to receive vouchers, bar codes,
> passwords or even  retailers/brands news directly on their phone.

> Those above are a few examples of this new solution,

> Our idea is for to implement chatapplication inside this  
> application, that users can
> log into their accounts, (log into their aim accounts) and even chat,
> but it must be compatible also for windows machines, not only mac osx!
> can i have your contactinfo that we could discuss this together by  
> phone?
> that would be very kind and in this way we could get more  
> information about
> the possibilitys,
> kindly regards,
> octavio

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