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Sat Nov 28 19:42:27 EST 2009

To whom it may concern:

For a long time, I have wished I could switch to Pidgin completely.
Unfortunately, there is one and only one feature that prevents me from doing
so. This feature is the inability of blocking file transfers automatically.
Pidgin does not currently have settings related to file transfers. So all I
can do is choose to accept or reject file transfers manually. But for
security reasons, I would like to disable all file transfers completely.

I have even tried to resort to plugins, which is a less than ideal solution,
but I have not found what I wanted. One such auto accept plugin, for
example, only allows users to block file transfers from users not on their
buddy list. This is pointless, however, for 2 reasons: 1) People who are not
on my buddy list can't talk to me anyways 2) I need to include some people
that I must talk to, but do not trust enough to accept a file trnasfer from.

I am unfortunately doomed to using Trillian right now. I haven't tried
Digsby, but it is not open source and I do not like the third party software
that it tries to sneak into the installer. Please, please include settings
to block file transfers in the next release of Pidgin. If you implement this
feature, I will switch to Pidgin immediately and not look back. I need to be
able to simply disable file ransfers completely! It would be nice, but not
necessary to block them only for specific people, but the critical feature
for me would be to disable it completely for eerybody and anybody. Trillian
has this feature, but it is the ONLY reason I am still using Trillian
instead of Pidgin.

Thank you so much for your time! Happy Thanksgiving! I wait agonizingly for
a possible future release that will allow me to block all file transfers and
use Pidgin with peace of mind.

Potential Pidgin user
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